She'll Enjoy a fun summer or school vacation making the 9 projects on these 2 Pixie Doll DVDs!

Are you ready to help your daughter continue her sewing journey with this set of Pixie Doll & Clothing DVDS?

Pixie Projects Level 3  Advanced DVDS


The advanced projects in these 2 DVDs will easily take your daughter beyond her first year of sewing! (Psst...if she doesn't have sewing experience see our Pixie Projects.)


Your daughter will learn step-by-step how to make a Pixie Doll and all 7 clothing items as you follow along with your teacher Katrina Marie. Plus watch a bonus feature of 6-year-old Adelyn sewing her Pixie Doll.


All you need to do is gather the fabrics needed for each projects (which are listed on the back of the cover and in the materials section). Then put in a DVDs and go step by step helping your child when they need or ask.

We have done all the hard work for you!


  • coming up with project ideas

  • figuring out how to make each one

  • and making the patterns


This set includes almost 6 hours of detailed instruction that will give your daughter the skills and the creativity to create a doll and 7 clothing items.

What you will learn:


  • Making pattern templates

  • Tracing around the patterns

  • Cutting the fabric out

  • Pinning pieces

  • Sewing pieces

  • Ironing (if needed)

  • Stuffing (if needed)

  • Hand Sewing & Finishing


With the step by step video instruction on the Pixie Doll & Skirt DVD and the Pixie Doll Clothing DVD your daughter will never be guessing at what to do next!

The visual over-the-shoulder teaching style in these videos makes sewing easy for beginners to follow. You will be amazed at how much you daughter can do all on their own!


Our Pixie Doll series is a great way to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of sewing! Go beyond the first year of sewing with this set of DVDs that can be shared in so many ways.

You can teach 18 lessons @ 60 to 90 minutes with this curriculum!


2 Sewing Courses on DVDs only $99 (with free shipping)

Are you ready to help your daughter continue her sewing journey with this set of Pixie Doll & Clothing DVDS?

Add Printed Pixie Doll Eyes & Lips for only $20


Ready to use...just apply the iron-on adhesive (included) and you are ready to cut out your Pixie Eyes and Lips and apply them with an iron!

Printed on an Organic Cotton Sateen fabric, these larger than life eyes are a must have to complete your Pixie Doll or any handmade doll you want to make!

Each set comes with 7 pairs of eyes & lips in an array of colors. One pair for each Pixie Doll. These are perfect if you want to make all 7 Pixie Dolls or if you want to have friends over for a doll making party.

7 Pairs of Eyes & Lips only $249 (with free shipping)

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Don't have a DVD player anymore? I got you covered! We have our "Pixie Projects Yearlong Sewing Adventure" in online class form, so you can access from a computer or mobile device, anytime or anywhere. Best part is you also save money!

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