Part 1) How to Choose a Sewing Machine


This is our most common question from moms, but not one to get hung up on. The truth is kids don't need their own sewing machine to start sewing...they can borrow yours. But, if you want to get a machine for your child then we have some recommedations in this guide. Just click on the the image to download yours, now!


Part 2) Getting Setup to Start Sewing


Just like baking an apple pie you need specific's the same with sewing. Though you may really can't get started without several essential things. Ready to find out what they are? Just click on the the image to download your guide, now!

Part 3) Choosing Simple Sewing Projects


Finding projects that are simple for your child as they begin their sewing journey is very important. Nobody wants to take on more than they can handle just starting out, so we'll show you here the best projects for a first lesson, the first 3 months and beyond. Just click on the the image to download yours, now!

Bonus 1) 10 Ways to Make Sewing Fun


Kids love to be creative and express themselves, but they also want to have fun. As a mom, you will want to make the most out of your childs sewing journey. As they learn this creative art, you can add to their experience with the tips in this guide. Click on the image to download your guide now!

Schedule) 52 Weeks of Sewing Projects


Being able to help you child sew for a full year will create lasting memeories for a lifetime. This is truly a gift worth inspire your childs creativity and build useful skills at the same time is priceless. Just click on the the image to download yours, now!

"Sewing Made Easy" Guides


Here are all our "Sewing Made Easy" guides. We cover the basics of choosing a machine, beginning sewing projects and getting started. Each guide is just over 10 pages with text and photos. Just click on any guide to download yours.


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Don't have a DVD player anymore? I got you covered! We have our "Pixie Projects Yearlong Sewing Adventure" in online class form, so you can access from a computer or mobile device, anytime or anywhere. Best part is you also save money!

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