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Heart Zipper Review

"She is only 7 years old and made this little skirt from the video almost entirely by herself. There were only a couple of tiny things I needed to help her with. She was confident enough that she did not want me to help with anything. It was so fun to watch her and to see how excited she got about sewing."



It's a Mom Blog Review

"Teenie loves to sew however, the patterns that she picks or that are aimed towards kid her age are far too difficult for a beginner and I usually end up finishing them for her. So when I saw that this DVD is loaded with information to help the beginning seamstress get started, I was impressed. The video was easy to follow, and didn't move so fast that we got lost. Teenie was able to do everything herself with a little supervision!"



Connected to Christ Review

"What can I say? I loved it too. We’ve made the hair bow and the plush pillow together so far and are looking to whip up the other projects soon! Honestly I couldn’t believe how easy the projects were to put together. Having a great instructor helps so much! The projects we created and followed to the very last step came out looking very nice and quite professional. I know these projects will boost confidence in any young girl eager to learn how to sew! "





Happy Homemaker Review

"If you have been looking to teach your daughter (or son!) to sew, and just don't know if they'll be able to do it or if you'll be able to teach them well, worry no longer. Katrina Marie has put together a TON of craft ideas and easy sew projects just for kids. She gives the pattern directions first, then goes on to teach them how to iron and sew the rest."



Greatly Blessed Review

"Brianna chose to make her pillow out of turquoise Minkee, which is a super soft furry fabric that sheds like crazy when you cut it.  You can see Brianna watching the step by step instructions on the DVD. I was very pleased to find myself in the "consultant" role, instead of "teacher" with this program. She was able to do most everything with minimal input from me."



Moms Thumb Review

"This is super easy to understand, easy to watch, fun to learn from, and parents the step by step process is very easy for anyone to understand and follow. I can say that if a home school mom has lots of daughters, and wants to have them learn Home Skills as a school class, getting all 7 of these sewing DVDs would be perfect for the sewing part of that school class."



Chevron Stitches Review

"Bry had a lot of fun sewing the projects and loves that she has five whole things to look at and be proud of... and use! And all of her friends are like 'what? you made that?? I wanna make that too!' So I think we are going to have a sewing day with a few of her friends so they can make them too! I would definitely recommend this DVD {and the whole series!} to anyone who's child is wanting to learn to sew, or wants to add more projects to their list. It's fun for moms too!"





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