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Chevron Stitches of Pixie Candy's Projects DVD

I had the opportunity to review a kid's sewing DVD from Kids Sewing and Katrina Marie Design's called Pixie Candy's Projects - a level 1 sewing tutorial for kids. First off, I received this DVD in a super cute, hot pink, bubble mailer lickety split. I know that doesn't really factor into the whole review of the DVD, but still - hot pink bubble mailer? So cute! Since this was a 'kids sewing' DVD, I actually had Bry watch the DVD with me and she did all of the sewing herself. For her own review on the DVD, head on over to her blog Bry's Stories.


We put the DVD in and watched the whole thing before she started sewing to make sure we would be able to follow along. It was cute! I loved the little 'pixie' music that played through out the tutorials and how everything was pink. The color scheme went well with the Pixie Candy theme. It was definitely appealing to my daughter. There was even a section where Katrina {the maker of these DVD's} had a demonstration of one of the items with a little girl so you could see the whole process through kids eyes. In the DVD you have five projects to make - a pillow, a hair bow headband, a purse, a neck pillow, and an apron. Very simple and very appropriate projects for kids.


Once we watched the DVD we got our fabric out to start. Katrina did a very good job at directing you through the steps. She used simple words that kids could understand and did simple steps. Bry was able to follow along quite well and get her projects done. The tutorials weren't too long so Bry didn't have a chance to get bored like some kids might if each step took too long. Katrina broke each tutorial up into great sections that gave it a real organized sense and made it easy to follow.


Even though there are five projects to complete, it cost us hardly anything at all in materials, too. Which was a real deal breaker for me. I find that if your child is testing the waters with something - whether it be sports, sewing, music - you don't really want to invest a lot of money if it doesn't work out. And though Bry has learned how to sew and knows how to make things, it's not something she sits down to do every day so I didn't want to invest too much in fabric. We got through the DVD and she completed all her projects perfectly. They really turned out so cute! 







Neck pillow


Apron {Cute ribbon, huh?!}


Hair bow headband



There were a few things we changed in going along...

The neck pillow called for 3/4 yard batting for the inside. We just used fiber-fill since we have boxes of it from a futon mattress we tore up.


Also, the purse called for batting which we skipped, It would be nice to have had structure in the purse with the batting, but we decided against using it. We also made the ribbon strap longer so Bry could use it as a cross-body bag.

Both of those things didn't change the structure of the tutorial, though.

Bry had a lot of fun sewing the projects and loves that she has five whole things to look at and be proud of... and use! And all of her friends are like 'what? you made that?? I wanna make that too!' So I think we are going to have a sewing day with a few of her friends so they can make them too! I would definitely recommend this DVD {and the whole series!} to anyone who's child is wanting to learn to sew, or wants to add more projects to their list. It's fun for moms too!

I just have to say that Katrina is the sweetest person ever. She is so adorable and I think it is great what she is doing - putting together easy tutorials for kids to follow so they can create something for themselves {or maybe for a friend or family member} and be proud.



Ashley Marie from Chevron Stitches



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