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Moms Thumb Review of Pixie Candy's Projects DVD


I got this to give to a friend for Christmas whose daughter loves to sew and is taking a sewing class as an extra curricular activty after school.  The girl is 7 years old, and loves this type of thing.  So as a special present, I went a head and did my review of this program, made a hair bow and a kitchen apron (that I can pass on to a friend's girls), and then gave this DVD to the girl who loves to sew.


This is super easy to understand, easy to watch, fun to learn from, and parents the step by step process is very easy for anyone to understand and follow.  I highly suggest that this DVD only be used with adult super vision.  


This DVD teaches how to make your own templates or patterns with paper and paper scissors, cutting with fabric scissors, sewing with needle and thread, sewing with a sewing machine, and some ironing to be done for each project.  The projects are very simple, and very easy and fun.  The hair bow was actually really great to learn how to make so now I can make hair bows for my niece. The kitchen apron was really easy and cute, its very similar in design as a tutu skirt. Girls will love this DVD and want to keep sewing once they have completed their first project.


When I got this review the requirements were to either have an arts and crafts blog, home school blog, or a sewing blog.  We are starting to increase our DIY arts and crafts this year because you, our fans have asked for more.  We are also improving our Home school blog posts so that they are more informative, fun, and show more of our projects, procedures, and solutions to issues that come with home schooling.  With this in mind, I can say that if a home school mom has lots of daughters, and wants to have them learn Home Skills as a school class, getting all 7 of these sewing DVDs would be perfect for the sewing part of that school class.  


For mom's with boys, these DVDs are very girly and I can say that my boys did not like it.  But that's okay, I didn't get it for my boys.


Pros: fun, easy, simple, cute, excellent step by step processes

Cons: none

My Rating: THUMBS UP



Elizabeth Carr from Moms Thumb Reviews



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