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Greatly Blessed Review of Pixie Candy's Projects DVD


We were selected to review Pixie Candy's Projects. This is a beginner level disc, suitable for children. The back of the case lists all the materials needed for the activities on this disc. My well-stocked sewing room abounds with supplies, so we did not need to purchase anything to complete all the patterns. In Pixie Candy's Projects, designer Katrina Marie takes students through 5 basic projects.

The first project is the Hair Bow. Since we happen to have 2 hair bow wearing little girls in our house, this was a great first project for us.


Both my little girls have atypically shaped heads, likely due to spending a lot of time in their cribs as babies, so headbands either don't stay on, or look odd on them. Brianna and I opted to put our Hair Bows for them onto alligator clips.


After doing one full-sized, we realized that we needed to downsize the pattern to make it more appropriate for Hannah and Katie. This was a great opportunity for me to jump in and explain altering patterns and trial and error in sewing.  The full size bow would be perfect for an '80s costume. I had about a dozen huge hair bows back then!  It would also be a sweet addition to a dress or a bag. This little one is a better fit for Hannah, and it's based on the same principles taught in the DVD.


The next project we did is Plush Pillow. Brianna chose to make her pillow out of turquoise Minkee, which is a super soft furry fabric that sheds like crazy when you cut it. You can see Brianna watching the step by step instructions on the DVD. I was very pleased to find myself in the "consultant" role, instead of "teacher" with this program.  She was able to do most everything with minimal input from me.


The final project we're showing today is Pretty Purse.  When we met Katie in China, she came to us with a small purse, and she has had a fondness for bags and backpacks ever since. I knew she would be a grateful recipient for the Pretty Purse, however, upon completion, Brianna realized that the Pretty Purse is the perfect size for the Leap Pad that Jack recently passed down to Hannah.

Pretty Purse was the most complex project on the disc, and in hindsight, I should have supervised Brianna while she made it.  But she'd done the pillow almost entirely on her own, and when she asked if she could go work on a project, I said yes, even though I was busy with something else at the time. I think I'll invite her to make another one with me so that each of the girls will have one, and I'll help her get the kinks ironed out next time.  She's happy with her attempt, and that's what counts!

The DVD Pixie Candy's Projects contains good instruction and sound techniques, and I would love to see Brianna (and eventually Hannah and Katie) do the other discs as well.  Doll sewing has always seemed "too hard" to me, so I'm wildly curious about the doll DVD.  I'd like to try making the Mandy doll for my Asian girls.  There are dolls of all colorings, which I appreciate, and even a boy doll.

The DVD series is sold on the website, and is also available on Etsy, where Pixie Candy's Projects sells for $29.95.  Be sure to "favorite" their shop while you're there so you can easily find them again later!  My readers can use the coupon code "She20" to save 20% off ANY of the Kids Sewing DVDs through the Etsy site until 1/31/14.  You can connect with Katrina Marie and Kids Sewing via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!



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