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Happy Homermaker Review of Pixie Candy's Projects DVD


If you have been looking to teach your daughter (or son!) to sew, and just don't know if they'll be able to do it or if you'll be able to teach them well, worry no longer.  Katrina Marie has put together a TON of craft ideas and easy sew projects just for kids. She gives the pattern directions first, then goes on to teach them how to iron and sew the rest.

I have been teaching my daughter how to sew for a little while now-due to space, we don't have a sewing machine, but the project we did  is simple enough we were able to follow all of the directions as they were given, we just sewed by hand opposed to using the sewing machine.  We made the Pixie Candy Neck Roll-it is a super adorable, easy sew project that looks like a piece of rolled candy (like a tootsie roll) when it is finished.  It only takes three things to make it making it an easy project to do and it really is a great way to spend a little time with my daughter.

The neck roll project is a great one for new sewers-whether they are using a machine or are hand sewing because it has an easy to follow pattern (it is basically a rectangle) and each detail is explained and shown clearly throughout the entire tutorial. Even though Bean could have cut out the pattern herself, I decided to help her, but in hind sight she could have done it without much help from me because it is super easy to do. (a 14 x 21 in rectangle)

The tutorial/class  is done in real time and takes about 15 minutes and in "real" life it takes close to the same time to hand sew it as well once a rhythm is found. Bean was able to follow the directions easily and because it only takes three "ingredients" (get it? it's a candy neck roll?? ) it is simple to do and is also a very affordable craft. We are even thinking of making these for grandparents and other friends/family members for Christmas next year!  It is a great gift for any little girl-she will love following along with this class and finishing with an adorable candy shaped neck roll. My daughter uses hers all the time! (hence no pictures of it-I can't get near it haha) It was a great way to spend the afternoon with Bean.


Sarah Samson from Happy Homemaker



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