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I’ve just begun learning how to craft and create with my sewing machine and have had my six year old daughter at my side to get her interested as well! I think any sort of of crafting is an excellent way to express yourself and the time spent learning along side family or friends is priceless! Sewing is pretty limitless after you learn just the basics and you can get very creative once comfortable enough to have a go at it on on your own. My daughter is like me and quite the visual learner when it comes to learning new things. When we heard about the Learn How to Sew For Kids Pixie Projects DVD Series by Katrina Marie we knew we had to check it out! 


Learn How to Sew for Kids: Pixie Candy’s Projects DVD #1 features five beginner projects. The projects include a kitchen apron, a pretty purse, a hair bow, a plush pillow, and a neck-roll. The back of the DVD case as well as on the DVD itself informs what supplies you’ll need to create each of these projects. Run time is over 120 minutes and I felt that the video instructor did an excellent job in walking the viewer(s) through each and every step to create each project from gathering supplies & material, cutting out patterns, pining,machine sewing, turning, ironing, stuffing, hand stitching for all those finishing touches, and more. The views and camera angles ensure you can see every step well! There’s no guessing or confusion in what to do next and she didn’t go too fast either.


The DVD appealed to my daughter quite a bit. She loved the whole cute Pixieland theme and the music that played on the DVD menus. It’s really cute and I think would appeal best for girls ages 5-12 years old. What can I say? I loved it too. We’ve made the hair bow and the plush pillow together so far and are looking to whip up the other projects soon! Honestly I couldn’t believe how easy the projects were to put together. Having a great instructor helps so much! The projects we created and followed to the very last step came out looking very nice and quite professional. I know these projects will boost confidence in any young girl eager to learn how to sew! I say girl because this and the others in the collection are more on the girl oriented side.


This DVD is the first in the Pixie Projects series at a beginners level of 1 and is available for $29.95. There are currently seven in this collection and it appears that with each your sewing skills will grow to more challenging projects. I feel that these DVD’s are great for home or classroom use! Sewing is a fabulous life long skill that I believe everyone should learn and can benefit from! Whether making these projects for themselves or their friends, the satisfaction of being able to to do it on their own or with just a little bit of help is very rewarding!


Review by Erin from Connected to Christ blog


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