Heart Zipper Review


Heart Zipper Review of Pixie Candy's Projects DVD

This was the first time I let my daughter touch an iron.  It helped me have confidence in her after watching the video. She was very confident in herself and had no problems whatsoever.  I had more fears about this than she ever did. Watching this DVD with my daughter really helped me get over that fear.


First of all I have to say that she was SO excited that I let her touch my sewing machine!! She is always asking me to teach her to sew but I just didn't have the patience or at least I didn't think I did. She was very excited to watch this DVD with me and learn how to sew.  Watching this DVD first was very helpful because like me she is a very visual learner so she was very confident and didn't need very much help at all from me which was nice. The only hard thing was my sewing machine is a lot more complicated than the machine they use on the DVD. I simply showed her the few buttons she was allowed to touch.  I wished that I had an older machine like they had on the video for her to use but I guess she got the pleasure of using mine.


Just from watching the video she was able to see how they guided the fabric with their hands. I had to give her a little more instruction but she did wonderful. She is only 7 years old and made this little skirt from the video almost entirely by herself. There were only a couple of tiny things I needed to help her with. She was confident enough that she did not want me to help with anything.  It was so fun to watch her and to see how excited she got about sewing.


She did a WONDERFUL job making this cute skirt by herself. She keeps asking me when she gets to make her next project. I look forward to our next sewing time together and I really want to check out some of the other project DVDs.


Review by Britney from Heart Zipper



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