Pixie Pandy's Projects DVD


In this how-to-sew video we will make Pandy’s Projects which include a Potpourri Sachet, Pillowcase, Round Pillow, Hair Scrunchy & Tooth Pouch. These are projects 11-15 in the Pixie Projects Series. You must first complete projects 1-10 to build your sewing skills. Are you ready to get started?


Running Time: Over 120 Minutes


Price: $49



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Follow along with Katrina Marie in the 3rd DVD of the series, Pixie Pandy’s Projects! Start off by spreading the scents of flowers and herbs when you learn how to sew Pandy’s Potpourri Sachet. Next, Katrina Marie will help you create a beautiful blue Pillow Case and a Round Pillow, which will be dreamy additions to your bed. Pandy always wears her hair in a ponytail, and she’ll be so happy when you sew a fashionable Hair Scrunchy so you can wear your hair in a ponytail, too! And last but not least, you will be able to carry the Tooth Pouch you make wherever you go, as it’s the perfect size for any teeth you might lose, or the coins that the Tooth Fairy leaves under your pillow! Learn to sew all five of these fun Pixie Pandy’s Projects!






Start to Finish!!! You'll learn everything from making your pattern templates to marking, cutting, pinning, sewing, turning, clipping, ironing, stuffing, hand sewing, and finishing for the FIVE kid-sized projects in this DVD (see below).

Projects: Potpourri Sachet, Pillow Case, Round Pillow, Hair Scrunchy, Tooth Pouch

DVD Series: Pixie Projects Vol. #3 - Level 1 (Beginning)

Running Time: Over 120 Minutes


Price: $99

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