Pixie Candy's Projects DVD


In this how-to-sew video we will make Candy’s Projects which include a Hair Bow, Neck Roll, Plush Pillow, Kitchen Apron & Pretty Purse. These are projects 1-5 in the Pixie Projects Series. Complete these to build your sewing skills before moving on to projects 6-10. Are you ready to get started?


Running Time: Over 120 Minutes


Price: $49



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Start your journey into sewing with the 1st DVD of the Pixie Project Series, as Katrina Marie guides you through the steps of creating Pixie Candy's five delightful accessories! Get started with Candy’s pretty Hair Bow, which is Candy’s favorite thing to wear when she’s out and about in Pixieland. You’ll look so fashionable wearing this stylish bow in your hair, too! Next, make your bed look “oh so sweet”, just like Pixie Candy’s, with the Neck Roll and Plush Pillow that you will learn to sew. Katrina Marie will also show you how to create a Kitchen Apron, which will be so helpful when you are baking delicious treats for your friends and family. And don’t forget Candy’s Pretty Purse! It’s the perfect way to carry all of your favorite delights or healthy snacks along with you. Learn the beginning basics of sewing as you create all Pixie Candy's Projects!






Start to Finish!!! You'll learn everything from making your pattern templates to marking, cutting, pinning, sewing, turning, clipping, ironing, stuffing, hand sewing, and finishing for the FIVE kid-sized projects in this DVD (see below).

Projects: Hair Bow, Neck Roll, Plush Pillow, Kitchen Apron, Pretty Purse

DVD Series: Pixie Projects Vol. #1 - Level 1 (Beginning)

Running Time: Over 120 Minutes


Price: $99

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