Our Team - We are very thankful to have their help along the way!


Katrina Marie – Designer, Teacher and Producer of Kids Sewing DVDs


The creative force behind Kids Sewing Videos, her imagination moves as quickly and persistently as her hands. Currently working on over a hundred how-to-sew DVDs (for all ages) to be released over the next several years, she is unstoppable! Designing since she was only five, and having had her own fashion design business since the age of 18, it is no wonder she can come up with so many ideas. Who know what the future holds? To find out more, Meet Katrina Marie.



Adelyn Rae – Star Student in the Pixie Projects DVD Series

A charming and talented student with a love for sewing, this little 6-year-old girl enjoyed every project she did with Katrina Marie. You will see for yourself as you watch her sew in the included bonus videos for all 10 of the Pixie Projects and Pixie Doll DVDs. She is a true creative inspiration for kids, parents, and teachers alike who want to learn how to sew. To find watch her in action you can sign-up for Kids Sewing and watch all  Adelyn's Sewing Classes.

Kari Delaney – Content Editor, Writer & Pattern Instructions

Kari Delany has enjoyed working with women with independent businesses since early 2009, offering services in Content Writing and Editing, Project Coordination and Management, and Personal Assistance. In her work, she has had the opportunity to assist a variety of women as they’ve developed myriad projects, from books to health fairs! As a little girl, Kari learned basic sewing skills from her mother, an accomplished seamstress, and this experience instilled in her a love for the art. She believes sewing is a valuable and highly enjoyable craft for children to learn, and she is happy to be helping Katrina Marie as she spreads a love for sewing to children around the world.

Jeff McDonald – Camera Man/Video Editor for Pixie Projects DVD Series

A long time friend and supporter of Katrina Marie's creative endeavors, it was no surprise he would be on board with the production of Kids Sewing Videos. Though not formerly trained in film, Jeff decided to give it a try after enjoying a lifetime of photography. Not only does he do all the filming for the Kids Sewing Videos, he is also responsible for all of the editing. Many, many hours go into both, and we are very lucky to have such a dedicated friend to help us on this creative journey!

Chris Thibodeau – All Things Tangible, Emotional and Spiritual

Always on call, even at late hours in the night, Chris is Katrina's husband and the one that she calls on for counsel on many things...big and small. Even though he is not on the payroll, he is there to discuss and help figure out things daily. There is not a day that goes by that there is not a breakfast, lunch or dinner conversation about business. His support and skills are invaluable in the direction of Katrina's ventures, one of them being Kids Sewing. On the side, he is handy with setting up the film studio, and taking care of the kids, so mom can work.


Alastar Thibodeau – The Little Guy Who Inspired Change


Our newest little guy to the team! Alastar is a creative guy who spends most of his time playing minecraft or watching older guys play video games on youtube, while sitting next to mom when she is doing computer work. He does well in school, has a nice sining voice and owns his very own Janome Sew-Mini sewing machine. He made his first sewing projects when he was 6, right before his baby sister was born as a gift to give her when she arrived. Since then he has been a great big brother and as baby Anastasia becomes bigger we will work Sewing Sundays back into our schedule.


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