Within a few months she was teaching classes 3 nights a week, starting a “Young Fashion Designers” course, and organizing a student fashion show called "Denim Delights". This was definitely fun, and the right direction for Katrina!


As the project ideas piled up and she saw the excitement each of her students had for sewing, she thought, “There must be a way to reach more people interested in learning how to sew!” So, she began organizing her projects and ideas into themed sewing courses that could be taught over 4 to 6 weeks. A few of the first ones were Gypsy Gina projects and Russian Rosa projects.


Before long these turned into PDF patterns with photo tutorials, which she sold in one of her Etsy shops. Eventually this led her to creating a line of doll patterns called “Lil Miss Dolls” which later inspired the simpler design of the Pixie Dolls.


Then, another thought crossed her mind: “What if, instead of photos, we used film to teach?” After searching the Internet for sewing videos, she was amazingly surprised at how little there was available for kids. There were a couple of teacher courses that could be licensed, a handful of children’s sewing books, and a DVD or two, but that was all...there was no sewing series just for kids!

That's was when she knew where her place was, and by October 2010 she had set up her film studio (buying all the studio equipment used or on credit) and was now ready for the production of her Kids Sewing DVDs and her first Learn How-to-Sew for Kids series called Pixie Projects (for ages 5 & up)!

Still feeling as if she had not quite found the perfect avenue to blend together her skills and burgeoning interests, Katrina shifted course and decided to teach sewing in her home studio. Phone calls came in from people of all ages, but her first sewing students were children, so she focused on creating fun, kid-friendly projects.

During this pregnancy break, she was searching for a new direction and happened upon Etsy. Being entertained by all of the cute handmade baby accessories (especially the diapers) she found on the site, she decided to make her own.


By March 2008, her new baby had arrived, all set with a stash of 80 organic hemp diapers that she handmade for him. As her little boy grew, so did her desire to sew even more for him. So she began creating diaper covers (made from recycled wool sweaters), cloth balls, and toys.

Our Story about...
How Kids Sewing Came to Be


The story of the Kids Sewing DVDs and Online Classes is a rather serendipitous and colorful one. Kids Sewing was actually a wonderful surprise, born out of chance, circumstance, and creative thinking!


In 2007 Katrina Marie, the founder and creative force behind Kids Sewing and an accomplished designer and seamstress, was in the midst of running a successful couture bridal design company, Katrina Marie Designs. Faced with the falling bridal market that accompanied the financial downturn, Katrina Marie decided to take the opportunity to slow down business a bit and have her second child.

And...that's How Kids Sewing Came to BE!

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