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Hello, I'm Katrina Marie...a lifelong fashion designer and the creator of Kids Sewing DVDs. I'm so happy you are here to visit Kids Sewing and hope to become your sewing teacher!


I too began sewing when I was a kid, and I have never stopped since. When I was just five years old, I began sketching and creating paper dolls. From there, I began working on doll cutouts, each with a collection of paper clothing that attached to the dolls magnetically. At 10, I created my first line of doll clothing and marketed it at a local craft show. I had so much fun buying the fabric, sewing the clothes,and packaging them the night before the show. The line I had created was for a “Hot Looks” doll I owned, and I didn’t anticipate that no one else at the craft show had the same doll! Even though I didn’t end up selling any of my clothes on that first commercial venture, it was a great learning experience, and I had fallen in love with the process. That was the start of my fashion design career!

As a teenager, I began making clothes for myself and for my friends, and by the age of 18, I was sewing professionally for alteration shops, a costume shop, a theater, and a dance wear studio. Then, when I was 19, I started my own dress collection, designing historically inspired pieces. In 1996 this collection led me to begin my own business, Creative Garb, which eventually earned me the affectionate nickname “Goddess of Garb.” Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to my creations, and a multitude of requests, I turned my focus to designing wedding gowns in 2001. That year saw the début of my couture bridal collection and the launch of a fresh business venture, Katrina Marie Designs.


For the next 10 the years designed and made thousands of dresses, selling to customers all over the world. I have traveled throughout the United States to art festivals, renaissance fairs, and trade shows, and my designs have been featured on the Learning Channel, the Wedding Channel, and TheKnot.com. I have also had the opportunity to open several clothing boutiques. You can see some of my dress designs and learn more about my design business on my website, KatrinaMarieDesigns.com


In 2009, I started working on Kids Sewing DVDs which grew out of my love for sewing and my desire to share and teach children this incredibly valuable art. As both a mother and sewing teacher, it is such a wonderful feeling to share the experience of discovery with a child, watching as something comes to life in their hands, and seeing their faces light up when they finish a project they have worked hard to create. Kids Sewing is the perfect avenue for me to pass these memorable experiences on to other parents, children, and teachers. I want to be able to share my love of sewing with not only my own children, but with people all around the world.


I'm so happy to be on this new found journey! I'm sure you will enjoy sewing as much as I do, and I hope to inspire you to have fun sewing and creating!

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